Bolivar is a native of South Florida, where he attended Florida State University’s School of Social Work.  His studies focused on child welfare and cultural studies.  He graduated from Florida State University with an Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Social Work. Immediately following his undergraduate studies, Bolivar knew his life’s work would be helping youth overcome trauma and strengthen families. These passions led Bolivar to a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Child Welfare Studies.


He began his career in child welfare by working with leading lobbyist in Tallahassee, Florida.  It was with the Institute of Family Violence where he furthered his clinical knowledge on how to best help youth and their families overcome the effects of trauma, and where he gathered a better understanding of best practices.  In 2013 Bolivar made the exciting decision to join the Department of Family and Protective Services in the Williamson/Travis county area.  He held several positions within the department, which helped him to gain a level of respect for all families.  Throughout his six years of experiences he has developed an understanding of various cultural differences and recognizes the need for trauma informed care.


Today, Bolivar is active in the community through various non-profits and collaborative initiatives. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Williamson County Life Steps Council on Alcohol and Drugs.  Bolivar is also involved in the Eastern Williamson County Collaborative, which aims to bring resources to rural communities in the area.


Along with his various community involvement endeavors, he enjoys the outdoors and spends his free time hiking and traveling with his wife and son.  Bolivar’s mission through Buena Vista Counseling Services is to create a community of inclusivity, where all individuals have accessibility to appropriate resources that enhance their mental health. 

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